Content Marketing And Smart Local SEO

Knowing how to use local SEO in your content marketing plans means knowing that the old way of doing things with tricky techniques and over bloated websites is long gone. Google has been penalizing sites with absurd attempts to dominate the search engines with rotten content and ridiculous site management and design. The Value Of Local SEO Your local SEO campaigns should be based on sane and honest planning and execution. Don’t bloat your pages with content that over saturates your pages with the same Read More +

Local SEO Means Getting Your Business Together

Since a sizable chunk of Google’s searches is local, it calls for marketers and businesses to get their gear in order to take advantage of the opportunities to maximize the return on your time and investment. First of all, in this age of super search engine technologies, it calls for paying attention to what Google offers in regards to listing your business and abilities.  Setting up a Goggle Business account and knowing the free Google tools for SEO will give you a first start and Read More +

Tips for Picking the Right SEO Firm

Outsourcing your search engine optimization (SEO) work is an increasingly popular move by local businesses as the art of keyword research and optimizing on-site and off-site factors continues to grow in complexity. As more tools and due diligence are needed to rank well even for medium competition keywords, it makes more and more sense for typical businesses and websites to contract someone who specializes in the space and keeps up with everything (and has the right tools needed to do well) rather than spending the Read More +

How to Search for Local Keywords

Local search engine optimization (SEO) can be a great source of organic traffic for brick-and-mortar businesses. Increasingly, it is also becoming more important in terms of key real estate on Google search ranking pages. Local keyword targeting can also offer lower hanging fruit in many cases, allowing for quicker returns on your time and cash investments for what is generally very targeted traffic. Ranking well for a good base of long-tail local keywords can often bring in more traffic quicker than going for the big Read More +

Positives of Responding to Negative Reviews

Most small businesses will eventually get a bad review or two when a mistake is made or there is some misunderstanding that occurs. Even the most vigilant business owners face it at one point or another. How you handle negative reviews can be extremely important in not only mitigating any potential damage but also in further signaling how your business takes care of its customers and their concerns. You should really view a negative review as an opportunity rather than let it frustrate you. Most Read More +

How to Use Adwords Alongside SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important part of any internet marketing strategy and it can yield amazing long-term results and returns. However, it is never an overnight solution. It takes a lot of time and works to rank well for the competitive keywords which can bring you significant and targeted traffic. This is where Google Adwords can help bridge the gap. Adwords is Google per-per-click offering, which allows webmasters to bid on keywords which then show up in SERPs in the sponsored section Read More +

Quick Improvements to Local SEO

If you have a website that is geared towards a regional audience, then local search engine optimization (SEO) is tremendously important to get the full range of benefits from organic traffic. The key when it comes to local SEO is to focus your efforts on the right things. It does not even have to take that long to make significant changes which can have a notable and lasting impact on your website and business. There are certain things that you should be taking advantage of Read More +

How to Improve Conversion Rates with SEO

While search engine optimization (SEO) is the big buzzword when it comes to internet marketing, one thing that many webmasters, especially new ones, forget is that the ultimate metric is not rankings or even web traffic, it is conversions. Conversions can be sign-ups, activity on your website, the clicking of ads, or the purchase of an item. Ultimately, for most websites, these are the things that really matter. You should always keep this in mind when you are developing and executing on your SEO strategy Read More +

SEO v. Adwords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often an integral part of a long-term website marketing strategy, but Adwords, a paid service by Google, can often be equally important in driving targeted traffic, particularly in shorter timelines. For most businesses, it is a balance of the two that will yield the best results in terms of driving traffic and sales. The two methods are quite different with SEO being the driver of organic traffic and Adwords being a driver of paid traffic. While SEO may in some Read More +

SEO Tips for Dentist Websites

Ranking well in local search is a great way for dentists to bring in new patients and to build up their reputation in the local community. It can often be the most targeted and valuable traffic that one can get organically, so it is worth learning about how to do well in those rankings and to optimize your website for it. A lot of it comes down to simply understanding the Google My Business tool and how it works. You can set up your Google Read More +