Utilisation of Social Networking for Communication between Employees is the New Innovation of McDonald’s

Source : newlearningplaybook.com
Source : newlearningplaybook.com

McDonald’s has a new innovative idea to increase the efficiency in communication between its workers in the country of South Africa. Knowledge Dimension is the local South African technology firm that McDonald’s has collaborated along with the international giant – IBM. This innovative idea and the subsequent partnership is in course of an initiative started by the name ‘Engagement with our People’ by McDonald’s in the year 2011. The social platform that McDonald’s employees would use for social interaction is IBM’s Sametime.

McDonald’s wants incorporate the power of social networking to its group of food courts and reap the advantages of volatility of idea that is thus achieved. Its food courts in different regions of South Africa would not be secluded from each other and innovations, ideas, negative or positive results, etc. can be interactively shared between them. This would make McDonald’s more uniform in its services and provision, which should result into growth in numbers of customers and expansion of the brand.

The platform is perfect for such experiments too. 8,000 people work in various chains of food courts in total in the peninsular country. Whether social media improve interaction and consequently the service or it flops can be confirmed in this market. The success of social websites are apparent but whether the result would be same in case of its utilisation in a group of food courts remains to be found out with the passage of time.

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